100 Days Program

It is the goal of Psychology of Vision to encourage each and everyone to aim for the best we can be, to set our healing goals as high as we dare and to take our place among those that came to make a difference in the world. The 100-Day Training Program calls upon a personal commitment to our own healing.

While it is normal for participants to feel real benefits in their lives from the very first Psychology of Vision workshop they attend, it has been observed that the depth and resonance of the changes that occur increases dramatically with the more healing they undertake. Through over 30 years of tracking participants, it can be seen that there is a definite benchmark – a paradigm shift – that occurs at 100 workshop days. Hence the introduction of the 100-Day Training Program and now the  Mastery Program.

There are Psychology of Vision 100-Day Graduates all around the world from Japan to Vancouver , London to Taipei and Geneva to Zambia . They represent a living treasure for the planet. Their commitment to their personal growth and healing has taken them through stages of development and expansion that have typically created major changes in their lives. Some have changed careers or countries; many have developed skills they never knew they had, while others have found a new level of peace and connection in their spiritual practice. They have felt the joy of a transformational shift in their world and how they perceive it. Most of all, everyone who completes the 100-Day Training Program knows that they have friends for life all over the world.

100-Day Program Requirements

Minimum of 30 Days of Apprenticeship Program
To graduate from the program a student must attend at least 3 Apprenticeship Programs with Chuck and Lency Spezzano. One of these programs must be in Hawaii as the Hawaii programs have a smaller class size and this allows adequate personal attention to be given to each graduate. Two of the Apprenticeship Programs can be attended outside of Hawaii. (In order to attend an apprenticeship, a participant has to have done at least 20 days.)

Steps to Leadership Program Graduation
Each 100-day Program student is asked to complete and graduate from the Steps to Leadership Program, which will count for 10 PoV days (maximum allowance for completing the STL course once within the 100-Day Program).

A student can gain a further 10 days towards the 100-Day Program by facilitating Steps to Leadership. (Please contact VisionWorks for Life for more information about STL).

In countries where there is no STL, eg Malaysia, students may apply for exceptions in order to be able to graduate from the 100-day program. They then might be asked to read a couple of Chuck’s books and write a report on them to ensure they are familiar with the psychological and spiritual dynamics and principles.)

Remaining Days
The remaining days can be made up of Psychology of Vision events of the student’s choice, including more Apprenticeship Programs. The student decides what events to take and with whom they want to study. The total 100 days must be completed within a continuous 5 year period.

What constitutes a PoV day
No coaching sessions given by any PoV trainer count toward a PoV day.

No study groups, mini-workshops, forums, etc. count toward PoV day even if led by a trainer.

Exceptions can be made if a trainer teaches a series or a mini-program with curriculum in a closed group where sessions are process led. Mini-programmes count as a maximum of 10 days.

An evening part of a PoV workshop counts as 0.5 day, eg Friday afternoon/ evening through to Sunday counts as 2.5 days. But, if that evening is open to anyone who does not participate in the complete workshop, it does not count as 0.5 day.

Proof of Attendance
All certificates must show the hours as well as the equivalent days.

It is participants responsibility to keep a record of days attended and to contact the organiser of the workshop where they wish graduate (usually with a Master Trainer or Chuck and/or Lency).

Graduation – Certificate of Graduation
A Certificate of Graduation entitles you to advertise that you have graduated from the 100-Day Program. It does not qualify you to pursue any kind of regulated healing of therapeutic profession as regulations differ from country to country. Only Psychology of Vision Trainers can use the Psychology of Vision logo and/or the title of Psychology of Vision Trainer.