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Chuck and Lency Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano, PhD, and Lency Spezzano, MS, are the founders of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology with the miracle power of grace. The Psychology of Vision centers around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spiritual development.

The Spezzanos have taught seminars worldwide and between them they have authored over 30 books (with more in the works) in 19 countries. Besides giving seminars, they both feel it is important to train others in the healing arts and the skills needed to be a trainer and coach. There are many PoV Trainers worldwide, please see your local area for more details.

Both of the Spezzanos have done deep research into many areas of the mind. Besides developing dozens of healing methods and techniques, Dr. Spezzano has constructed the Steps to Oneness/The Triangle Model, a psychological and spiritual map of the evolutionary stages people encounter on the way to the experience of Oneness. Over the years, Lency Spezzano has created and evolved the Joining method which uses grace to release participants from their inner suffering, connect them with the divine and into their spiritual awakening. The Spezzanos’ greatest inspirations come from A Course in Miracles.

Chuck Spezzano has worked travelling internationally since 1980 to teach his developing psychological model. Lency Spezzano developed many programs and services for deaf people and sick children before moving on to work with Chuck. Now they have two grown children and they live in Hawaii.

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