Mastery Program

A Year Long Program for Graduates of the 100-Day Psychology of Vision Program

“It has been a dream of mine for many years to have advanced seminars for Psychology of Vision enthusiasts who have graduated from the 100-Day Program. The depth of work that we are able to address in this profound group mind surpasses anything else we are doing – it is truly mind-blowing!” Lency Spezzano, Co-founder of The Psychology of Vision.

The Mastery Program is for graduates of the 100-Day Program who want to continue to work at a high level, but who do not feel called to be a Trainer, or who are fulfilling requirements for application to the Trainer’s Program.

The Mastery Program is centered around the 10-day Mastery Seminar in January.  Graduates come together in the smaller intimate setting of the Hawaii offices of Spezzano & Associates to be part of a profound healing experience.  The graduates are supported throughout the year with monthly webinars facilitated by either Chuck or Lency.  Some applicants may be asked to improve their skills in joining before attending the program.

“To participate in the Mastery Program means to be in direct contact with the Source and to be able to receive inspiration in times when I’m stuck. It is a pleasure for me to do that over a whole year in an atmosphere of friendship as part of a group of kindred spirits.” Rosemarie, Switzerland

The first Mastery Program took place in 2007, this is what one of the Graduates had to say about it: “The Graduate Program is a fantastic experience for anyone who wishes to dig deeper into the PoV model of healing and principles of visionary awareness. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend 10 quality days with Chuck and Lency Spezzano and be in the company of supportive companions who are dedicated to spiritual awakening.” Linda, USA

Since then this program has firmly established itself as a highlight of the calendar, with 100-day graduates returning year after year to explore new frontiers of the mind and PoV with Chuck and Lency.

To register please contact the Hawaii office of Spezzano & Associates on: [email protected] or  +1-808-239-4502 (Hawaii business hours)