Complaint Procedure

1. Any complaint about a PoV trainer should be sent to the Program Director (PD) – in writing (translated into English).

Presently, Francine Girard at

2. The PD will immediately acknowledge receipt of the complaint (to the sender), and follow the steps laid out below. After following the steps outlined below, the Steering Committee (SC – PoV advisory board) will reply to the complainant within 21 days. A permanent record of the complaint, the SC’s response to the complaint and any further action taken will be kept on the Trainer’s file.
3. When a complaint goes to the PD, the following occurs:

• The complaint is passed on to SC. One of the SC members will discuss the complaint with the Trainer in question.

• The Trainer is sent the complaint and has seven days to reply to the SC in writing.

• The SC decides the outcome of the situation within another 7 days and the same SC member talks to the Trainer in question and whoever has filed the complaint to communicate the discussion and outcome. If appropriate, the SC member can mediate between Trainer and the “complainer”.

Our objective is satisfactory resolution for all parties and we endeavour to achieve this through whatever communication necessary.

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