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Chuck and Lency SpezzanoChuck and Lency Spezzano, co-founders of Psychology of Vision, live in Hawaii and travel extensively to teach the Psychology of Vision model worldwide. They are passionate about their work; ever determined to explore, understand and heal the depths of the human mind. With more than 35 years of experience they are truly experts in their field.

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The Spezzanos can be contacted for personal sessions or event information via their office:
Spezzano & Associates Ltd
47-416 Waihee Place, Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA, 96744
Phone: +1 808 239-4502


Francine Girard, “It picked me,” says Francine of Psychology of Vision. “I’ve always worked on the body connection through yoga. Psychology of Vision embodies the essence of who we are as humans.”

With more than 20 years of experience with Psychology of Vision (PoV), Francine is the director of PoV’s international training program. She has guided the program structure with policies and procedures, tapping into her engineering background, and continues to help evolve the program in partnership with the global trainer community. “I help to empower others with tools they need to deal with everything in life,” she says.

Francine also works with parents and does team building. “I aim to help others save time, money and pain while healing,” she says. “Psychology of Vision does that.” She lives with her family in Everett, Washington.

Francine is available for Workshop Bookings. Francine’s workshop experience ranges from in-house staff training, residential intimate setting or 170+ groups. Besides her regularly giving seminars in Canada, Francine has worked for five consecutive years in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as in China and Barbados. She loves travelling and transcends culture while valuing and responding within the local style.

Coaching Sessions can be done in person, on the telephone or via Skype. Sessions can be 1 to 1.5 hours long for individuals, couples or groups. A good coach helps you problem-solve, broaden your horizons, build your confidence and develop your belief systems. Good coaches help you to see what you really want and get a sense of vision about your life and career.

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Francine Girard is the current Trainer Program Director for Psychology of Vision (PoV) and she has been a PoV Trainer for ten years and a private therapist for 15 years. PoV is at the heart of her work but she blends her background as a yoga instructor and training in various psychological and spiritual modalities. She is a dynamic teacher and an intuitive and transformative therapist.  She works internationally with individuals and groups and lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband and two children.