Being Your True Self and Destiny (audio download version)

In these two talks, each approximately 30 minutes long, Chuck Spezzano speaks of the potential of being who we really are and our destiny.

In life we build up layers and traps that stop us being our true self, making life hard instead of easy. Our destiny is who we came to be in this life, our unique self-identity. As we embrace our destiny, which only we can live, all knowledge opens up for us.

Being Your True Self
1 Being Your True Self
2 Lets talk about Roles
3 The Roles of Dependence and Sacrifice
4 Doing the Right Thing
5 The Role of Independence
6 Personal Myths
7 Our Family Roles
8 Overcoming Our Roles

1 Beyond the Ego
2 Being not Doing
3 Levels of Learning
4 Desting as Peace and Happiness
5 The Evolution Back Home
6 God's Love

Format: MP3
Size: 55MB

Please note the quality of this recording is not perfect as it is from a live lecture; we hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment.


Price: $5.00

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