Communication Beyond the Power Struggle (audio download version)

With his characteristic humour Chuck Spezzano teaches us how we can be more effective in our communications.

This live lecture describes effective ways of ending power struggles and fights. An excellent recording for overcoming control.

1 Moving Beyond Powerstruggle
2 The Purpose of Relationships
3 Why we Become Independent
4 Avoiding Painful Emotions
5 Being Willing to Change
6 competition
7 How we Deny our Dependence
8 Building our Trust and Confidence
9 Judgement and Partnership
10 Communicating our Need
11 The Power of our Change
12 Overcoming Withdrawal
13 Pain and Closeness
14 Our Fear of Moving Forward
15 Taking Responsibility

Playing time approximately 1 hour.

Format: MP3
Size: 54MB

Please note the quality of this recording is not perfect as it is from a live lecture; we hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment.


Price: $5.00

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