Meditations for Healing 1 (audio download version)

Healing Physical Pain - This is the first of two meditation collections by Chuck Spezzano, recorded during a live session in Hawaii in 2004.Chuck takes us through a series of healing meditations designed to transform chronic physical and emotional pain.

There are 3 meditations on this recording:

This Need Not Be uses the power of your mind to free yourself, your family and your friends from any suffering and pain.
9 minutes long.

Centering takes us on a journey to the deepest parts of our mind to heal old traumas and blocks. Includes an explanation of centering.
26 minutes long.

Not God's Will uses the principle "this is not God's will for us" to help transform physical and emotional blocks or chronic problems in our lives.
7 minutes long.

Format: MP3
Size: 38MB


Price: $5.00

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