The Dynamics of Guilt and Steps to Mastery (audio download version)

Two live lectures by Chuck Spezzano.

The Dynamics of Guilt - In this live lecture Chuck guides us through guilt, the greatest trap of the human mind. He casts light into this place of shadows and bad feelings that we all seem to have collected, and with compassion shows us a way out.

Steps to Mastery - Chuck outlines with inspiration and love, the qualities of this level of consciousness. He points out the major obstacles and the ways through them to make Mastery available to us all.

The Dynamics of Guilt
1 What is Guilt
2 The Purpose of Guilt
3 Guilt Trips don't Work
4 Guilt is Livingin the Past
5 Guilt and God
6 Self Forgiveness
7 Using Guilt as an Excuse

Steps to Mastery
1 Losing Our Mastery
2 Moving into 'Being'
3 Living in the Present Moment
4 Giving up Identifying with our Bodies
5 Levels of Mastery
6 Regaining our True Selves in Mastery

Format: MP3
Size: 54MB

Please note the quality of this recording is not perfect as it is from a live lecture; we hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment.


Price: $5.00

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