The Fall from Grace and Taking Down the Walls (audio download version)

Two inspirational lectures from Lency Spezzano.

The Fall from Grace - In this live lecture Lency relates her own experiences of separation and her ongoing journey back to oneness. This is an honest, personal account of a process we are all part of.

Taking Down the Walls - In this live lecture Lency describes her joining with the First Nations people of Northern Canada. This inspiring lecture is a story about how we can overcome our potential differences.

The Fall From Grace
1 The Process of the Fall
2 The Next Stage in the Fall
3 Becoming Somebody
4 An Adolescent Fall
5 The End of Awakening
6 Healing is Our Purpose

Taking Down The Walls
1 Cultural Genocide
2 My Friend & the Technique of Joining
3 My Friends's Integration
4 The Next Healing
5 Finding Our Innocence

Approximate playing time 53 minutes.

Format: MP3
Size: 48MB

Please note the quality of this recording is not perfect as it is from a live lecture; we hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment.


Price: $5.00

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