The Journey (audio download)

A series of six talks by Chuck Spezzano outlining the principles of the Psychology of Vision model.

First released on tape in the early 1980's, this series has, over the years, helped a countless number of people to transform their lives. In it Chuck Spezzano describes the many aspects of our lives and how we can transcend our painful experiences.

1. Overview
2. Every Experience is a Gift
3. It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood
4. Accountability - The Freeing Factor
5. The Psychology of Emotions.
6. Relationships - Your Magic Mirror

This series is an excellent way to learn more about Psychology of Vision and its principles which transcend religious and cultural differences by recognising the three key concepts of relationships, leadership and spirituality.

"An evergreen life saver!" - Jeff Allen.
"These talks explain why bad things happen to nice people"  - Peter.
"When I hit the pain I had no understanding of what was really going on but this tape series gave me a logical explanation of what and why"  - John.

The download file contains a workbook in PDF format and six digital audio recordings.

Length: 35 min for each audio recording
Format: MP3 and PDF
Audio Size: 186MB


Price: $5.00

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