The Stages of Relationships (audio download version)

In this unique lecture Lency and Chuck Spezzano share their wisdom of what makes a relationship happy.

This remarkable recording will inspire anyone to tackle the most difficult of issues as it demonstrates the way out of any relationship issue.

1 The Path of Relationships
2 Women are the Experts
3 The Cycle of Relationships
4 Projection
5 From Honeymoon to Powerstruggle
6 Independence - Dependence
7 Positive - Negative
8 Moving into the Deadzone
9 Roles and the Feeling of Failure
10 Hysterical - Stoical
11 Sex in the Deadzone
12 Oedipus and Competition
13 Rock - Swamp and into Partnership

The playing time is about 1 hour.

Format: MP3
Size: 52MB

Please note the quality of this recording is not perfect as it is from a live lecture; we hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment.


Price: $5.00

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