It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood – A Handbook for the Psychology of Vision By Chuck and Lency Spezzano, in collaboration with Wulfing von Rohr (download version)

This is an indispensable handbook for understanding the essence, models and techniques of the Psychology of Vision. It is the most comprehensive and detailed summary of the methods and models used throughout the world by Psychology of Vision trainers. Reading it can enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of seminars and workshops. It is also a valuable tool to broaden the understanding of the fundamental principles of the Psychology of Vision for everyone.

“I trust that you will not only have an enjoyable reading experience, but also an opening of your heart and soul. Just reading about the dynamic principles of the Psychology of Vision will prove for many to be truly an enlightening and empowering experience.” Wulfing von Rohr, co-author

Format: PDF
Size: 2.72MB
No of pages: 118


Price: $5.00

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